This Is Your Reminder

Can you believe it? It’s already the end of Q1. By the time you read this, there will be just nine months left in the year– just enough time to complete that technology project you’ve been thinking about.

We’ve vetted the vendors already– all we have to do is make the match.

We know our vendors well. With years and years of combined experience and time spent making and maintaining connections with industry leaders, we have the foundation of the research process in place, and we’ll take the valuable time to expand upon it and match you with the right provider. 

You deserve to spend this year making a difference to your department and to your organization as a whole. Leave the busywork to us– we’re happy to help you. 

In my experience, it takes an IT leader 3 months to document requirements, do research on vendors, and engage in the sale process. It also takes about 6 months from signing to complete a large implementation. Here’s how Premier Team can help you make that go faster.

Contract negotiations are a breeze when you’ve got weight behind you.

It’s our job, and our responsibility to our clients, to take negotiations seriously and to get you the best contracts and terms. We don’t take this job lightly. 

We are expert negotiators with relationships to leverage on your behalf. We know the offerings of our vendors well, and with history comes a benefit. We go into the negotiation process prepared with weight to leverage and with expertise to employ, and we create the most successful, cost-effective results possible. 

You don’t have to fight to bring your projects to life. We’ll work with your vendor of choice to create options that bring you confidence, all to the benefit of your budget and needs.

We’re end-to-end experts, and we’ll oversee things top to bottom.

“After the contracts are signed, our work is done,”… said the other IT consultant, maybe. But, not us.

End-to-end means a commitment to you, from start to finish, to make your technology process easy, productive, and effective in terms of cost, value, and function. To ensure this to you, we stay past the research, acquisition and negotiations, and continue to work with you through procurement and implementation. We also offer management options, so that you have a long-term team on your side throughout the challenges that may arise and the adjustments that may need making.

You have the time now to complete your technology project before next year, and with Premier Team, you can streamline the process. We are here to help you through the entire process, to make it easier, faster, and more effective.

But, don’t wait. The faster you begin your project, the longer you have to reap the benefits. Ready to get started? Contact us for more information. We’ll help you complete your new year’s resolutions before it’s time to make your next year’s.