Security Certified

Premier Team is now Security Certified

Cybersecurity is an urgent need for EVERY enterprise. Large or small, whether you have security expertise in-house or not, and regardless of budget, every business has to strive to maintain the upper hand in the cat-and-mouse game between themselves and bad actors looking to exploit vulnerabilities in their defensive posture. 

Some estimates have cybercrime costing the world’s economies $10 Trillion by 2025, ransomware alone will cost companies $20 billion in that same timeframe. A security event, including lost or stolen data, can be an excitation-level event for many companies and cost untold amounts in money and damage to brand value and customer relations. 

So, this is serious business. And because I take my business of advising companies on their IT infrastructure seriously, I recently completed the AVANT Trusted Advisor Security Certification Program. 

AVANT is an industry-leading research and analytics firm, and platform for IT decision-making. Premier Team partners with them to leverage their tools and insights to help us more quickly bring our customers value.

Their Trusted Advisor Security Certification program is a stringent program that requires full immersion into the world of cybersecurity, and it brings to the table a host of information on emerging threats and forward-thinking managed security solutions to help enterprises fend them off. It includes a mix of primary research, institutional knowledge from tens of thousands of transactions, and best practices from the world’s leading managed security firms.

What did I learn? Well, a lot. But my key takeaway is that enterprises, and even advisors like myself, can’t do it alone. But I’m more prepared than evere to help customers to identify gaps and threats, and align them with the solutions and providers that can protect them. 

If this year is your year to focus on cybersecurity, and it should be, talk to us today about how we can help you. Let’s take this certification out for a spin and see what it can do for you.