How can an omnichannel CCaaS platform improve Cx

The capabilities of the iPhone sure are astounding to those of us who grew up using landlines and film cameras. Don’t worry, I’m not calling you old– I’m highlighting the astronomical rate of change in technology. Nowadays, customers have a lot of options for personal communications – texts, emails, chats, social media, and some even still make phone calls, if you can believe that. 

To provide a great Customer Experience (CX), you need the right tools to keep up with new digital demands and cater to the increasing standards of quality. Call Center as a Service (CCaaS) gives you just that. Here are three cool features of CCaaS that open up new channels of communication, and how they create a great experience.

1. Analytics and tracking

What better way to know how your customer service is working than to have an empirical record of its effectiveness? CCaaS helps you get into the nitty gritty of your CX, no irritating surveys needed. Omnichannel CX offers you insights that can help you reroute and maintain your CX to really tailor to the customer, with experience mapping that lets you walk through the customer’s journey. Harnessing that information helps you deliver the top-notch customer service that the modern world demands. 

2. Availability against all odds

One of the main selling points of cloud-based services is their resilience. The weather, the equipment malfunction, the downed wire that can cause a blackout becomes virtually irrelevant to companies on the cloud, and this is especially useful in CX. When people want to know why your service isn’t working, the brand equity has been scuffed. If they can’t find out, that scuff becomes a tarnish. By using CCaaS, companies dodge the unexpected and continue to offer reliable, streamlined communications with their customers. 

3. Customer data stays safe.

Security is a priority, and I’m sure you know that by now, but as much as it is a priority for enterprises, it is for the customer as well. People panic when there’s a breach, and rightfully so. They trust the companies they buy from to keep their data safe and secure, and when their vulnerable information is exploited on said company’s watch, it doesn’t bode well for brand equity. That’s not even taking into account the cost of recovery, short and long term, to set things back on track after a threat or attack. Cloud services are built on secure foundations, and CCaaS is no exception. Tools like voice fingerprinting help to keep information out of the hands of unintended recipients, so that your customers can feel safe and secure purchasing from you. 

We know the importance of good CX for retaining your customer base. It is an experience that, to the customer, reflects the values of your brand, the appreciation or lack thereof you have for customers, and the pride you take in your products and services. We’d like to help you give them the best possible communication experience, and our experts can help you achieve that through CCaaS. Premier Team offers our clients flexible and convenient access to contact center management solutions, and we can offer them to your company, too. Get in touch with us to learn more, and consider this bonus fact: CCaaS is affordable to begin and maintain long term, possibly even more so than the technology you’re using now. 

Let’s talk about the possibilities.