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Relationships are at the core of our business model. It’s the connections we make with people that create value for our clients.

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Terry Johnson
Premier Team Lead

Terry is a lifelong Oregonian with a huge appreciation for the great outdoors. Being raised in Eugene and living in Bend has been the perfect combination. When not working, he enjoys time with his family, golf, fishing, working out, cycling, hiking, boating and skiing.

Terry has been in the telecom and IT services industry since 2000, first working for a CLEC in Portland for 10 years before going out on his own as an independent agent. This move enabled him the opportunity to continue working with his clients with an approach that has allowed for significant relationships to be built between the client and Premier Team. His unique style of working with the customer in a client first manner, is what has set him apart from others in the industry. “If it isn’t good for my client, it can’t be good for me”.

During his 21 year career in the telecom and IT space, Terry has developed meaningful relationships with a large number of service providers. His relationships with them go deep and wide as he is consistently one of the top producers year after year. It’s his client-first perspective that allows the trust to happen between client and Premier Team.

Terry is also certified through AVANT’s Trusted Advisor Security Certification, an industry-leading program that has prepared him to help his customers defend against the evolving cybersecurity threat landscape.


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There are too many individuals behind the team supporting our clients to list individually. But be assured that each and every interaction will be personal and you’ll feel connected to our team throughout the process.

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