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Premier Team is a boutique technology advisory firm. Over 21 years, we’ve fostered connections, relationships, and accumulated experience that gives us the upper hand when working with enterprises to procure, implement, and support technology solutions. We help our clients blast through bureaucracy and overcome obstacles to achieve their technology goals.

How we work

Even though one of our key values to our clients is how quickly we expedite the procurement of technology, we still take a methodical approach to projects to make sure they get done right. This is that approach:


We take the time to deeply understand our client’s current state as well as their needs and goals for their future state.


Our engineers use our technology planning tools to help our clients strategize their approach and design a solution that meets their technical requirements.


Our experience and institutional knowledge is amplified by our vendor selection tools which allow us to help you quickly make the right choice.


After over 20 years in the field, we know which buttons to push and relationships to leverage to help your client’s get the best pricing and terms.


We will coordinate and monitor the implementation of your technology solution to make sure the providers play nicely and that the project gets done on time and correctly.


We maintain our relationship with you, giving you support when needed, helping you resolve any issues with your providers fast and keeping your technology transformation moving forward.

What To Expect

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Technology transformation without the headaches

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Cut out months of time and effort in
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Vendors that jump to attention when you need them

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Premier Team will help you develop your technological vision for the future and stay by your side every step of the way on your journey to achieving it. Sometimes we lead, sometimes we stand behind you, but we are always there when you need us.